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Czech Republic: CEA Energy Efficiency
(Prototype Carbon Fund)

3 Project Documents

Project Photo 1
Thomayer Hospital
The Prototype Carbon Fund (PCF) has worked with Czech departments of Energy and Environment through the Joint Implementation (JI) mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol on initiatives to reduce carbon emissions. Through its work with the Czech Republic the PCF has learned new ways to reduce the time and energy required to prepare small JI projects.

The Czech Umbrella Project demonstrates the PCF’s ability to work with government agencies to review, develop and approve projects. For these projects, the Czech Energy Agency (CEA) screened and grouped small projects so that the PCF could support their operations. World Bank Carbon Finance Business is also working with the State Environmental Fund (SEF) to further streamline processes and to bundle even smaller projects in the SEF portfolio.

The PCF project for the Czech Republic has narrowed its focus to three project categories: district heating, energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. For each project category a generic tool has been developed to assess the eligibility of potential JI projects and to estimate their emission reductions. These baseline methods evaluate a project’s eligibility, and can easily be applied to any project in that project category. The following projects have undergone independent validation using the first two of these generic methods, and about ten small hydro projects are expected to be validated during the fall of 2004 using the third baseline tool.

The tools used for the Rozmital District Heating Project were the first ever to be applied to a district heating project submitted for PCF review. Rozmital pod Tremsinem is a small town of 5,000 in Central Bohemia, the western part of the country. The city government created the Rozmital District Heating Program to update coal-fired boilers that provided space and tap water heating. The new gas burning boiler system heats municipal water efficiently while a newly installed generator provides heat and electricity. The project also refurbished the city’s heating distribution system by refitting old pipe networks with insulation and installing new pipes.

The more energy efficient piping along with the updated boilers is expected to reduce emissions by roughly 15,000 tons carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) over the course of its life. The PCF has been asked to purchase around 10,000 tons of these reductions.

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