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China: Dashiqiao Central Heating Project
(Spanish Carbon Fund)

The objectives of the Dashiqiao Central Heating Project are to improve the energy efficiency and cleanness of building heating service presently being provided in the city by introducing a new primary district heating system and replacing the large number of inefficient small sized boilers with a central station comprising large size heat only boilers (HOBs) with higher efficiencies. As per the design, about 48 decentralized boiler houses presently operating in the project area of Dashiqiao will be replaced by the central heating station comprising 4 x 64 MW HOBs. About 31 group substations will be introduced in the city which will receive heat from the central station (through the primary network) and supply heat to the buildings through the heat distribution network.

The project will be implemented by Dashiqiao Urban Construction and Investment Company. The operation and maintenance of the facilities will be leased out to Hongyang Heating Company, one of the leading heating companies presently providing heating services in several parts of Dashiqiao.

There are nearly 20 heating enterprises with 101 boiler plants and 120 boilers with a total capacity of 457.6 MW presently serving the city’s heating demand. In the proposed project area, there are 17 heating enterprises, 48 small boiler plants with 54 boilers with a total capacity of 396.9 MW serving a building area of 3.966 million m2. The project area covers the central part of the city the area bound by the following roads: Nanhuan Rd in the south, Renming Rd in the north, Hongqi Rd in the east and the west Hada Railway in the west. In this area, most of the buildings are heated by the Hongyang Heating Company. Therefore Hongyang Heating Company is appointed to be responsible for the operation of the project after the implementation under a lease contract.

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