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Colombia: Rio Amoya Run-of-River Hydro Project
(The Netherlands CDM Facility)

The Amoya River Environmental Services Project aims to contribute to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the power sector in Colombia through the promotion of an 80 MW run-of-river generation facility. It will support an environmental program for the protection of the Paramo de Las Hermosas, a unique, high-mountain biotope, upstream from the generation facility, and a social program that will contribute to improvements in the welfare of the local community in the area of the project.

Renewable energy will be produced from a run of the run-of-river power plant, with a nominal capacity of 80 MW and an anticipated generation of 510 GWh/year will be supported. The power plant will be connected to the grid through an 18km transmission line.

The Rio Amoya Project contributes to the sustainable development of Colombia through environmental and social programs.  Both the social and environmental programs will be financed with 20% of the carbon revenues (10% each), up to 2012.

The environmental program aims to promote conservation of the moorlands (Páramo ecosystem in the area of the project), therefore maintaining its ability to regulate the water cycle in the surrounding area (the Paramo replenishes the rivers and acts as a climate regulating system) and thus would contribute to maintaining the water supply to the region and the power plant. The program will also contribute to the conservation of the highly biodiverse habitat, characteristic of the Paramo Las Hermosas and its high rates of carbon sequestration. The program consists of a diverse group of activities that includes a water cycle study and adaptation plan for the Páramo.

The social program consists of activities resulting from public consultation and workshops with the local community. The indicative list of activities include: a) Improvement in the health and sanitation conditions, access to potable water and health services to the area; b) Activities seeking to improve infrastructure and access to education; c) Communication for rural development; d) Community strengthening and sustainable production; e) Conservation of the watershed. The environmental and social programs are additional to what is required by law and complement the investments in mitigation of impacts caused by the operation, and already included in the capital costs of the power plant.

¹Project descriptions are current as of project inception.

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