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Chile: Hornitos Hydroelectric Project
(The Netherlands CDM Facility)

UNFCCC Reference No.: 1374

The Hornitos Hydroelectric Project consists of a run-of river power plant that utilizes the swift-flowing waters of the Aconcagua River in a small valley in the Andes, approximately 100 kilometers northeast of Santiago, Chile. The project uses well-proven technologies for run-of river power generation, and has been developed by the project operator Hidroeléctrica Guardia Vieja in cascade with three existing plants downstream, which have been successfully operated for years. The power plant’s 55 megawatt capacity will use renewable energy to displace thermal power generation by coal and natural gas in Chile’s Central Interconnected System, and will generate annual average emission reductions of 110,000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent.

The socioeconomic benefits of the project include allowing Chile’s 5th Region to take advantage of its significant economic potential and create up to 1,500 jobs during construction and approximately 15 jobs since it became operational in September 2008.  In addition, the project promotes technology transfer to the region by introducing and demonstrating environmentally friendly power production techniques.

¹Project descriptions are current as of project inception.

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