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Ukraine: Hydro Rehabilitation Project
(The Netherlands European Carbon Facility)

Project Photo 1
The Ukraine Hydro Rehabilitation Project involves the rehabilitation of 46 hydro units located at nine different sites on the Dnipro River as well as one site on the Dnister River. This entails the replacement of hydraulic power, electro-technical and hydro-mechanical equipment such as gates, turbines, generators, excitation and governor systems, control, protection and automation systems, switchyard equipment and auxiliary equipment.

Some of the oldest hydro units (to be rehabilitated under the Project) were commissioned 70 years ago and although not obsolete for many years to come, continue to run at increasingly lower efficiency levels. Hydropower generation in the Ukraine is limited by the reservoir level.  It is desirable to have turbines running at high efficiency to produce the maximum amount of power from the available water resources.

The Project will increase the electricity generation capacity and efficiency of the rehabilitated hydropower plants. Additional power generated by the hydro units during peak periods will displace that generated by thermal plant generated powers. It is estimated that emission reductions due to displaced thermal electricity generation will be 1.5 million tCO2e during the years 2008 - 2012.

The Project will be implemented in stages and as more hydro units are rehabilitated, the Project’s hydropower plants will generate an increased amount of electricity. By the year 2012 it is expected that increased generation will be approximately 470 GWh/yr.

At present in Ukraine, nuclear power plants supply the majority of base load power. Since hydropower plants, dispatched in peak times, are fully utilized, thermal plants must supply incremental demand. Most of the grid connected thermal plants were built before the 1980’s, with the oldest plants built in the 1950’s. These plants typically have very low efficiencies and require high maintenance.

The Project will bring a number of benefits to the local community and to the Ukraine as a whole. It will help increase the reliability of power supply by enhancing the ability of the rehabilitated hydropower plants to provide critical electricity supply during peak times and frequency control. It also includes additional technical assistance to improve reservoir management and plant operation. Additionally, as part of the Project, a dam safety monitoring system will be installed along with other related components.

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