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Bangladesh, People's Republic of: ELIB Program
(Danish Carbon Fund)

UNFCCC Reference No.: 4793

The objective of the program is to replace approximately 30 million household incandescent lamps (ICLs), with an equal number of energy efficient compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), of same or higher lumen output. Households will receive up to 6 free CFLs, as per AMS.II.J. methodology to replace their incandescent lamps. ELIB will be implemented across urban and rural areas in Bangladesh by various utilities under the technical supervision of the Rural Electrification Board’s program management unit Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL ) is the Coordinating/ Managing Entity for CDM activities due to its unique experience in this regard with the current Bangladesh Solar Home System CDM program.

Thus far 9 million out of approximately 10,5 million CFLs have been distributed in Phase 1. Phase II is under design and will likely result in door to door distribution or installation of 17 million CFLs.

The main program benefits include reduced energy bills, improved quality of lighting and significant energy savings to Bangladesh which is projected to reduce load shedding. The DCF ERPA is for 735,000 CERs

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