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China: Yingkou EDZ District Heating Project
(Spanish Carbon Fund)

UNFCCC Reference No.: 5053

1 Project Documents

The objectives of the Yingkou Economic Development Zone Central District Project (Yingkou EDZ CHP) is to improve the energy efficiency and cleanness of presently offered building heating services in the city of Yingkou EDZ by establishing a new primary district heating system and sourcing heating from a much cleaner source. Heat will be extracted from the turbines of two supercritical units of 320 MW each of the Huaneng Yigkou Power Plant, which is located near the city. A new primary network with modern district heating technology will be introduced to supply heat to residential and commercial areas.

The modern district heating technology would among others comprise variable flow both in the primary and secondary systems, which would result in increased efficiency of heat supply in Yingkou EDZ area. At present, heat is supplied by a large number of small and inefficient boilers in the Yingkou EDZ city area resulting in higher carbon emissions. These small and inefficient boilers will stop operating, with implementation of the Yingkou EDZ Central Heating Project. The power plant units being super critical, the carbon emissions attributed to supply of heat extracted from the power plant are expected to be much lower than if the same amount of heat would have been supplied by the small and inefficient boilers presently operating in the city. The project would thus contribute to reduction of greenhouse gases. The power production capacity at full load and full heat extraction of approximately 350 MWth will fall from 320 MWe to 267 MWe in each of the two units.

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