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Philippines: Philippines Animal Waste Methane Program
(Carbon Partnership Facility)

UNFCCC Reference No.: 5979


The goals of the Project are to mitigate the release of methane (a greenhouse gas) from pig waste effluents produced by the proposed different piggeries.

The specific objectives are:

  1. to extract the methane from the treatment process of the animal manure
  2. to extract and recover methane for energy use when economically feasible; and
  3. to replace part of the fossil fuel used in the gensets on the farms and by selling excess power to the grid, to replace emissions part of the fossil fuel used to generate electricity for the grid.


Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP), established in 1963, is the official Philippine government depository bank. Its mission is to promote growth and development, especially in the countryside where resources are scarce and a majority of the poor reside. Under this Program of Activities (PoA), LBP, as a financial and technical intermediary, is undertaking a voluntary, coordinated action for the adoption of wastewater methane recovery systems at pig farms. LBP will provide carbon finance and investment finance for the installation of anaerobic wastewater treatment systems that capture and combust methane gas while generating electricity of less than 15MW.

The projects themselves will be implemented by the piggery farm owners that meet the criteria outlined in the PoA. These piggery owners operate the system and have agreements with LBP on the carbon finance transaction including their role in on-the-ground monitoring, quality control, and reporting in accordance with the CDM rules.

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