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India: 29.7 MW Wind Power Project in Karnataka
(Spanish Carbon Fund)

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Accion Wind Energy Pvt. Ltd. (AWEPL) is an Indian Company and a 100% subsidiary of the Spanish Acciona group of companies, i.e. Acciona Energia Internacional, S.A. and Acciona, S.A. AWEPL is in the process of implementing a turnkey project being delivered by Vestas Wind Technology India Pvt. Ltd. of 18 Wind Turbines of 1.65 MW capacity each totaling 29.70MW spread over two locations in the State of Karnataka, located within a wind farm. The project activity involves the development and operation of wind based electricity generation facilities to be connected to the grid.

The objective of the project activity is to construct, own, operate and maintain wind power projects at two sites in close proximity within the district Davangere in the Indian state of Karnataka for providing renewable power to the Karnataka State electricity grid and reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by reliance on fossil fuels. The project will lead to reduced greenhouse gas emissions as it will displace electricity from fossil fuel based electricity generating systems. The electricity generated from the project will be supplied to a common local sub-station at Hiremallaholle using underground internal electrical lines and local transmission lines. The aggregate 29.70 MW project activity comprises of 18 units of Vestas V82 make Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs), with each WTG having a capacity of 1,650kW. 

Vestas Wind Technology India Pvt. Ltd. will be the turbine supplier and also the perations and maintenance contractor for the first two years. The generated electricity will be supplied to the state grid (Distribution Company, or DISCOM) under long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for a period of  20 years, with a standard tariff of Rs.3.40 per kWh for the initial 10 years. The tariff from the eleventh year onwards will be decided by the KERC, and DISCOM can exercise its option to procure electricity at the KERC determined tariff. The purpose of the project is to harness renewable resources in the region, thereby displacing non-renewable natural resources to the extent of generation, ultimately leading to sustainable economic and environmental development. The project activity includes development, design, engineering, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance of wind energy based electric generating stations supplying electricity to the grid. The project activity will displace energy that is dispatched at the operating margin (largely thermal energy) and also delay any planned expansion of the Karnataka grid generation capacity by its equivalent size and thereby the Southern Regional Grid.

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