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Brazil: Nova Gerar Carbon Finance and Solid Waste Management Project II
(Spanish Carbon Fund)

Project Photo 1
The Brazil Nova Gerar Carbon Finance and Solid Waste Management Project II is comprised of two components: the Itaoca and Candeias Landfill Gas Projects.

The objective of the Itaoca Landfill Gas Project is to develop the landfill gas (LFG) collection and flaring potential of the Itaoca Dumpsite which located in São Gonçalo – Rio de Janeiro, to avoid emissions of methane to the atmosphere.

The Itaoca dumpsite opened in 1980 and has operated as an uncontrolled dumpsite without appropriate design or construction as well as poor oversight of disposal. With an area of 270,250 m², the Itaoca dumpsite receives on average 800 tons of household waste per day from the city of São Gonçalo. Currently the Itaoca dumpsite does not collect and treat the greenhouse gases which are emitted naturally into the atmosphere. By investing in a gas collection and flare system much of the methane produced in the landfill gas will be flared.

The main social and environmental impacts of this project will be positive effects on the health local community and surroundings. Contaminated leachate and uncontrolled surface run-off from the dumpsite can affect down-gradient ground and surface water quality, which consequently could affect the local environment. The uncontrolled release of landfill gas can also impact negatively on the health of the local environment and lead to risks of explosions in the local surroundings. By managing the Itaoca dumpsite properly, the environmental health risks and the potential for explosions will be greatly reduced. The project will also have a small, but positive impact on employment in the local area as a number of staff will need to be recruited and trained to manage the landfill gas operations, and to monitor the equipment so that it functions properly according to the manufacturers specifications.

The CTR Candeias Landfill Gas Project aims to capture and burn the methane (CH4) emissions generated by the decay of organic waste from the CTR Candeias Sanitary landfill located in the municipality of Jaboatao dos Guararapes, in Recife Metropolitan Area. The project also intends to generate electricity from the combustion of methane and sell it to the grid. The privately operated landfill of CTR Candeias is strategically located close to major cities and is the first sanitary landfill in the State of Pernambuco. The landfill started operation in July 2007 and received all necessary environmental licenses for operation.

CTR Candeias will be the third CDM project of Novagerar Ecoenergia Ltda, as a consequence, this project will benefit from the experience and expertise of Novagerar in landfill construction and operations, as well as methane capture and flaring technology. The landfill covers an area of over 17 hectares and will receive 1,200 tons per day of solid waste for disposal during 2009 from the contracts signed directly with the municipalities of Jaboatao dos Guararapes, Cabo de Sao Agostinho, and Paulista. CTR Candeias expects to receive a total of about 2,700 tons a day starting in 2010 and for the rest of its operating life from other contracts. This PDD for the proposed project uses a conservative estimate that the landfill will receive 1,800 tons per day of waste to estimate the potential for emission reductions from methane capture and flaring. As for the emission reductions from the displacement of electricity generated from more carbon-intensive sources on the grid.

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