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India: Allain Duhangan Hydroelectric Project
(Italian Carbon Fund)

UNFCCC Reference No.: 0862

Project Photo 1
Allain Duhangan Hydroelectric Project (ADHP) proposed by AD Hydro Power Ltd. (ADPL) is a run-ofthe-river 192 MW hydro power project at the confluence of Allain & Duhangan rivulets at Prini village in Manali town of Kullu district in Himachal Pradesh state of India. The project site is located about 60 Kms from Bhuntar airport and 50 Kms. from the town of Kullu. Both these towns are located along the National Highway-21. Bhuntar is 500 Kms from national capital Delhi by road. The proposed project consists of high head underground power plant that would utilise flows from a combination of glacial snow melt and monsoon rains in these two rivulets for the purpose of harnessing hydro power.

The purpose of the project activity is to generate electricity using renewable hydro energy and supply it to various consumers through Northern Regional Grid (NR grid). In the NR grid more than 70% of the power supplied is generated using fossil fuels (coal, Diesel, Gas etc). The project activity is a run-of-river with no project emissions associated with its operations. In the absence of the project activity, same amount of power would have been generated using fossil fuels as in the case of current grid generation mix, which is dominated by rather inefficient coal-fired power plants. The project activity thus avoids power generation using fossil fuels and reduces associated GHG emissions. The project activity faced various barriers for implementation. Without CDM benefits it would have not been possible to implement the project. The estimated total reduction in tonnes of CO2 equivalent over the crediting period of 10 years = 5,109,340 tCO2e.

ADPL intends to function as a merchant power plant with short term Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) of 1-3 years duration. The power generated at the project would be fed into NR Grid of India. A 220 kV power transmission line (of approximately 185km length) is proposed to be constructed to evacuate power from the project, to an existing substation at Nalagarh, from where it will be fed to the NR Grid.

The project involves the construction of a barrage, forebay reservoir, head works, a de-silting basin, head race tunnel for both Allain and Duhangan streams terminating at storage reservoir, steel lined pressure shafts (partly inclined and partly horizontal), and an underground power house for 2 generating units, each of 96 MW capacity, tail race tunnel and an outdoor switchyard. The combined flows of the two rivers via a 1.69 km long pressure shaft will feed a single powerhouse with 2 units each of 96 MW capacity to be located in a rock cavern. The water from the powerhouse will be led back to Allain stream through a tailrace tunnel followed by an open channel.

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