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China: Yunnan Whitewaters Hydropower Development Project (GYHDP)
(Italian Carbon Fund)

UNFCCC Reference No.: 0841

Project Photo 1
The Project is a set of three cascade hydropower stations located on the White Waters River of Yunnan Province in southwestern China. The total installed capacity is 78 MW, with expected annual average electricity sales of 369 GWh to the Yunnan Provincial Grid, part of the China Southern Power Grid (CSPG). Through production of renewable power, the Project is expected to displace an average of 261,681 tCO2e/yr from 1 May 2007 to 30 April 2017.

Each of the three hydropower stations consists of a relatively low concrete gravity dam, a narrow reservoir, and an above-ground powerhouse to produce electricity that will be transmitted to the Yunnan provincial grid by high voltage transmission lines. Stations #1 and #2 are of the dam-gate run-of-river type, while Station #3 is of the dam-diversion mixed type with a 2660 m long water diversion tunnel, which will direct water flow from the dam site to the powerhouse at the bank of the Heng River. The Project reservoirs are largely confined within a steep narrow mountain gorge and provide only daily regulation capacity.

Project Photo 2

The Project will contribute to two of China’s major developmental challenges. First, the Project will help satisfy increasing electricity demand in the CSPG feeding China’s fast growing Pearl River Delta Region by exploiting China’s untapped clean and renewable energy resources. This increasing demand has stimulated development of coal-fired power plants, which utilize China’s most abundant fuel resource. The continued deployment of coal-fired power plants will aggravate the deleterious effects of air pollution on human health and increase greenhouse gas emissions. Secondly, the Project will introduce much-needed investment capital and employment to a poverty-stricken, remote mountainous region of Yunnan Province.

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