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China: HFC-23 Destruction (co-purchase) (DCF)
(Danish Carbon Fund)

UNFCCC Reference Nos.: 0011 , 0306

2 Project Documents

Project Photo 1

HFC23 (trifluromethane) is a potent greenhouse gas. Its effect on the atmosphere is 12,000 times more damaging than that of carbon dioxide. As a large-scale chemical and refrigerant products producer, Jiangsu Meilan Chemical CO. Ltd. (JMC) generates HFC23 as an inevitable by-product. The gas can be decomposed via a thermal oxidation process, but no compulsory regulations on emissions of HFC23 exist in China nor are there any commercial incentives for JMC to set up the decomposition facilities. This project will install an incineration system to collect and decompose the HFC23 generated by production activities at JMC. Starting May 1st, 2006, JMC began collection and storage of its HFC23 emissions. VICHEM, a French company specializing in technology for environmental protection, will supply the decomposition facilities, which are 99.99% effective. This project offers tremendous greenhouse gas mitigation and will contribute to sustainable development not only from an environmental perspective, but also economically, through benefits from the sale of certified emissions reductions, and technologically, through the transfer of technology to China.

Project Photo 2

This project has been organized through the Umbrella Carbon Facility with several Funds committing to purchase Emission Reductions.

Social Co-Benefits:

With tremendous GHG mitigation, the project will contribute to sustainable development from not only environmental viewpoint, but also economic benefits (CER related revenue) and technical benefits (technology transfer) to China. Employment would be generated in the plant for the project implementation and management. In addition to the significant GHG emission reduction benefits, the project will comply with the national regulation, which stipulates that 65% of the CER proceeds of this project will be charged by Chinese government to contribute to sustainable development in China.

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