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Egypt: Alexandria Onyx Landfill Gas Capture and Flaring
(Spanish Carbon Fund)

UNFCCC Reference No.: 0508

1 Project Documents

Project Photo 1
Figure 1: Borg EL Arab Landfill site
This project includes two recently constructed municipal waste landfills in Alexandria, Egypt which are part of the global waste management system initiated by the Alexandria Governorate. The comprehensive waste management system was initiated in 2000 and is intended to improve the quality of life for the city’s 5 million residents. Onyx Alexandria was selected by the Alexandria Governorate for the multi-service contract for a 15-year period. Onyx Alexandria is a wholly owned subsidiary of Onyx, the waste management division of Veolia Environnement. Onyx is ranked 1st in Europe and 2nd worldwide in the field of solid waste collection and treatment. Onyx operates in 33 countries around the world with 68,000 employees.

The project objective is to maximise the capture of landfill gas (LFG) from the two new landfill sites. In addition to reducing the potential local impacts of odours and explosion or fire hazard associated with landfill gas, the project is aimed at reducing the fugitive emissions of methane, a greenhouse gas which contributes to global warming and climate change.The project activity includes the installation of enhanced landfill gas extraction and flaring equipment for the destruction of the landfill methane that is collected from the existing and future disposal areas instead of releasing to the atmosphere.

Project Photo 2
Figure 2: Vent system in cell 2 of El Hammam Landfill

The global waste management system implemented for Alexandria has numerous positive contributions to sustainable development. This innovative initiative is the first of its kind in this region. The contract covers the full spectrum of waste management activities from street cleaning to collection and treatment of all the household and commercial waste generated in the city. The global system employs many of the latest technologies in this field.

The proposed project activity is aimed at reducing fugitive methane emissions by, using the latest development in terms of LFG extraction and flaring systems. The collection and flaring of LFG will convert its methane content into CO2, a less harmful gas in terms of greenhouse gas effect. The project activity will contribute to the development of the first “state of the art” landfills in Egypt. To date, these practices are not employed in Egypt.

Borg El Arab landfill is located 50 Km west of Alexandria city on the southern side of the international coastal highway, while El Hammam landfill is located 30 km south of Borg El Arab Landfill. Borg El Arab landfill occupies a rectangular shaped area of length 3 km and width 250 m with a total area of 75 ha.

It is estimated that the enhanced collection and flaring capacity envisioned by the project activity will result in the yearly capturing and combustion of approximately 70% of the produced LFG . The estimate of total emission reductions to be realised are 3 715 266 tCO2eq over the crediting period starting the 1st January 2006 ending the 31st December 2015 included.

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