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CDM Methodology Papers

Main Methodology page

Recent Submissions to the CDM EB (full list of submissions)
>> Inputs to the Call for Public Inputs on Efficiency in the Operation of the CDM and Opportunities for Improvement - May, 2009
>> Flexibility in the application of the definition of project boundary to A/R CDM project activities - September 2008
>> Proposal for an enhanced barrier test for project activities that have a potentially high profitability without CER revenues - September 2008
>> Programme of Activities (PoA) - September 2008
>> Draft standardization of the format of the modalities of communications between project participants and the Executive Board - September 2008
>> Call for public input on JI PDD - August 2008
>> Input to JISC on "Topics to be discussed at the JI Technical Workshop" - August 2007 (19 kb PDF)
>> Input to SSC WG and CDM EB on "Non-binding best practice examples on the demonstration of additionality for SSC project activities" - July 2007 (159 kb PDF)
>> Input to SSC WG and CDM EB on "Proposals for methodologies for SSC project activities that propose the switch from non-renewable to renewable biomass, addressing issues related to leakage, differentiation between renewable and non-renewable biomass" - April 2007 (28 kb PDF)
>> Input to A/R WG and CDM EB on "New procedures to demonstrate the eligibility of lands for A/R project activities " - February 2007 (31 kb PDF)
>> Input to CDM EB on "Draft guidance on registration of project activities under a programme of activities as a single CDM project activity" - December 2006 (15 kb PDF)

Workshop Reports
>> Expert Workshop on CDM Methodologies and Technical Issues Associated with Power Generation and Power Saving Project Activities - Final Report (131 kb PDF)

Methodology Status Reports   (more reports)
>> CDM and JI Methodology Status Report on Progress and Lessons Learned, May 2005 - June 2006 (349 kb PDF)

Other Reports   
>> Achieving GHG ERs in Developing Countries through EE Lighting Projects in the CDM, November 2006 (155 kb PDF)

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