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Methodologies for CDM projects

The Methodology Team in the World Bank's Carbon Finance Unit systematically observes the CDM regulatory process and contributes to bottom-up rulemaking for CDM by interpreting regulatory decisions, providing input, and developing new methodologies, thus bridging the gap between general guidelines and methodologies with their application to real-world projects. The CFU also prepares policy and position papers and takes an active role in initiating research and studies on methodological and policy issues related to CDM.

The objective of the methodology section of this website is to provide easily accessible information that helps to understand the CDM rules of procedures and basic concepts of approved methodologies for CDM projects. However, the information provided in this section does not eliminate the need to always consult the approved methodologies and the guidance provided by the CDM Executive Board, which is recorded on the official CDM website and can be accessed at

We are grateful for the contributions already made to the methodology section of the website. Please continue to improve its contents by sending corrections and suggestions to the Carbon Finance Helpdesk

This section is divided into three areas:
>> CDM Methodology Overview: An overview of basic concepts and rules for CDM methodologies and of the approved methodologies for regular and small scale project activities including A/R CDM project activities. The objective of this section is to assist project developers in using and developing appropriate methodologies and to contribute to a systematization of presentation and explanation of approved methodological tools.
>> CDM Methodology Database: A searchable database including a one page description of all approved CDM methodologies using a common classification scheme. The objective of the database is to assist project developers in finding the most appropriate methodology for their project activities and to assist in understanding the basic requirements of the approved methodology. Methodology developers and experts working on CDM methodology rules and concepts will find the underlining classification scheme useful for comparing approved methodologies.
>> CDM Methodology Papers: Reports on methodological issues regularly published by the World Bank; reports on methodological workshops, information on methodological work done at the World Bank, position papers, lessons learned papers and World Bank input on methodologies and procedures for consideration by the regulatory process.

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