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Carbon Finance Unit Annual Report 2006

This report of the carbon funds managed by the World Bank covers the period from July 1, 2005 through August 31, 2006.

Notes: All $ = U.S. dollars (unless otherwise indicated). The U.S. dollar/ euro exchange rate used in this report = 1.25. One ton = 1000 kilograms (one metric tonne). All greenhouse gas emission reductions are measured in tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e).

This report is provided for informational purposes only. The carbon funds reported on are not legal partnerships. No warranties or representations are made as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of any information herein.

To request a hardcopy of the report, please contact the Carbon Finance Helpdesk.

>> Full Report (6,978 kb PDF)

Carbon Finance for Sustainable Development
>> Carbon Finance at a Glance (107 kb PDF)
>> Letter from the World Bank (43 kb PDF)
>> Letter from the Chair of the Host Country Committee (39 kb PDF)
>> The Global Context (147 kb PDF)
>> Carbon Finance at the World Bank (516 kb PDF)
>> From the Manager of the Carbon Finance Unit (46 kb PDF)
>> Carbon Finance Highlights 2006 (177 kb PDF)
>> Report on Carbon Finance Operations (146 kb PDF)
>> Creating the Carbon Asset (76 kb PDF)
>> Transaction Structuring and Risk Management (248 kb PDF)
>>Financial Performance (96 kb PDF)

Report on Business: The Work of the Carbon Funds
>> Prototype Carbon Fund (796 kb PDF)
>> Community Development Carbon Fund (968 kb PDF)
>> BioCarbon Fund (684 kb PDF)
>> Netherlands CDM Facility (334 kb PDF)
>> Netherlands European Carbon Facility (170 kb PDF)
>> Italian Carbon Fund (540 kb PDF)
>> Danish Carbon Fund (518 kb PDF)
>> Spanish Carbon Fund (379 kb PDF)

Making Carbon Finance a Reality: Projects in Progress
>> Sierra Leone Bumbuna Hydroelectric (149 kb PDF)
>> Honduras Pico Bonito Forest Restoration (120 kb PDF)
>> Nigeria Aba Clean Energy Carbon (137 kb PDF)
>> Philippines Northwind Bangui Bay (79 kb PDF)
>> Senegal / Mali / Mauritania OMVS-Felou Regional Hydropower (171 kb PDF)
>> China 3F Zhonghao HFC-23 Destruction (111 kb PDF)
>> Ukraine UkrHydroEnergo Hydropower Rehabilitation (116 kb PDF)

>> Governance (359 kb PDF)
>> Glossary & Acronyms (71 kb PDF)

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